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Steve Keck

Civic League President

Lisa Richardson


About Us

     The history of the settlement of our area dates back many centuries. The land was inhabited by the Chesapeake Indians who had their village along both sides of the Lynnhaven Inlet and along the banks of Broad Bay. Following the arrival of the British settlers, King Charles I granted to Henry Southall 700 acres on the "Chesopeian Shore within the territories of Lynnhaven," which included all of what is now Chelsea, Meadowridge, Green Hill and Green Hill by the Bay, as well as all of Broad Bay Island. The cottage constructed by Henry Southall still stands in Green Hill by the Bay.


    In the late 1600's Lancaster Lovett acquired the property, and for the next 180 years, the Lovett family lived on and farmed what became known as "Green Hill Plantation." In 1793 John Lovett, a descendent of Lancaster Lovett built a large Georgian manor house which became known as Green Hill. Hills are scarce in Virginia Beach, and our neighborhoods occupy one of the highest points in the city at about 19 feet above sea level.


    In the 1950's Green Hill was acquired by W.T. Old, who carefully restored Green Hill and built the west and east wings of the main dwelling. In the 1970's the owners sold portions of the Green Hill tract which were developed into the subdivisions of Chelsea, Meadowridge and Green Hill. Around 1982 ,the last 26 acres of the original 700 acre land grant were sold to create the Green Hill by the Bay neighborhood which surrounds the property on which the Green Hill manor house is located.


      ~contributed by Jim and Kay Windsor


Art depicting the Grover home created by Susan Carden

Pamela Faraino




Mark Reidelbach

VP, Chelsea

Bronwyn Anderson

VP, Green Hill

Nicole Linderman

VP, Meadowridge

Anne Schafer

Director, Chelsea

Rob Bianchi

Director, Green Hill

Bonnie Green

Director, Meadowridge

Tim Richardson

Registered Agent